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Ask your MP to pledge to help make the UK Smokefree

Last summer, Cancer Research UK campaigners from across the UK travelled to Westminster, asking politicians to become Smokefree MPs. But we need your support! Will you help end smoking-related cancers by asking your MP to support our Smokefree UK campaign? 

Smoking is still the biggest cause of cancer and death in the UK, causing around 54,000 cases a year. By asking your MP to champion a smokefree UK, you will play your part in taking us a step closer to a future where smoking in the UK is history. To prevent more cancers now and save lives, action is needed to help the millions of people in the UK who currently smoke to quit and prevent a new generation of people from starting.  

Your action today can make a difference to the future. Millions of lives are in the UK Government's hands - ask your MP to act now.  

Smoking rates vary drastically across the UK, with significantly higher rates among the most deprived communities compared with the least deprived.

Making sure young people don’t start smoking is key to a smokefree future. Over the years, the UK has implemented regulations aimed at reducing the appeal of tobacco products to young people. But the effectiveness of some of these measures, like health warnings on cigarette packs, can decrease over time.

The age of sale for tobacco in the UK is currently 18, however evidence shows many young people begin smoking before age 21. With smoking prevalence higher among the 18 to 21 age group compared with the population average, the UK Government has an opportunity to consult on raising the age of sale and help prevent the next generation from suffering from a lifetime of addiction.

But protecting young people is not enough. Funding for stop smoking services and public health campaigns is essential to help people quit. This will take investment, and if the Government cannot pay for this, it is the tobacco industry – not the taxpayer – who should foot the bill.

To make your message stand out, share below why a Smokefree UK is important to you. Please note, if your MP has already pledged to help make the UK smokefree, they will receive a letter of thanks, which you will be able to view on the next page. 

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