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In October, a bold new policy was proposed to help create the first ever smokefree generation by raising the age of sale of tobacco.

If implemented, this policy could prevent future generations from ever taking up smoking – the biggest cause of cancer in the UK. 

MPs will be voting on this legislation in Parliament, so every email sent helps to show your support and encourages them to vote in favour. Let's make history, together. Email your MP today.

 How would this policy work? 

The proposed legislation would ensure that people born on or after 1 January 2009 (turning 15 this year) would not legally be able to be sold tobacco in their lifetime. This would be achieved by raising the age of sale of tobacco by one year every year. It won’t prevent anyone born before 1 January 2009 from being sold tobacco in future. 

Making sure young people don’t start smoking is key to a smokefree future. That's why raising the age of sale of tobacco has been an important call of our Smokefree UK campaign. There is no safe way to use tobacco, so it is important that the legislation applies to all types of tobacco products. 


Why does creating a smokefree generation matter to you?

Cancer Research UK staff member and volunteer Campaigns Ambassador, Gower, shares his story.

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