Cancer hasn't just stopped because we're in a pandemic, so neither can the safe delivery of cancer services.  

Right now, millions of people are waiting for cancer screening, tests and treatment and thousands of cancer patients are having their diagnostic tests and treatment altered, delayed or even halted. This is costing lives and reducing the valuable time families have left together. 

For vital cancer diagnosis and treatment to get back up and running safely, we need governments across the UK to ensure cancer services are taking place in COVID-protected 'safe spaces'. These safe spaces are already being set up, but not quickly enough

It’s the UK and devolved governments’ responsibility to keep cancer services operating safely during this time.

Ask your elected representatives to back #SafeSpaces4CancerServices

We know cancer patients have an increased risk of COVID-19 infection, which could lead to serious health issues and complicate treatment. Consequently, NHS staff must be able to conduct cancer diagnostic testing and treatment in safe spaces protected from COVID-19 exposure. Although these 'safe spaces' are being set up, it is not happening quickly or consistently enough. 

To keep cancer services operating safely throughout the pandemic, and to ensure those affected by cancer continue to receive the diagnosis and treatment they need as quickly as possible, governments across the UK must urgently extend the provision of these COVID-protected safe spaces.

Cancer patients cannot wait for the pandemic to pass before getting access to the healthcare they need. Many – people who are mothers, brothers, friends – will face worse outcomes otherwise. 

By emailing your elected representatives, you will alert them to this urgent issue and prompt them to take immediate action to ensure your government extends the provision of COVID-protected safe spaces for cancer services.

You have the power to ensure that people affected by cancer are not left behind during this crisis.

Make sure your elected representatives, and your Government, take responsibility and keep cancer services operating safely.

Email your politician(s) today

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